Denver International Airport – MY COLORADO: Architecture

MY COLORADO: Architecture


Denver International Airport (DEN) is searching for resident photographers to share their vision of Colorado’s architectural beauty, whether situated in urban, rural or mountainous locations. The MY COLORADO: Architecture exhibition will feature 35 photographs to be displayed at DEN on Concourse A, just beyond the bridge security checkpoint. The exhibit will begin in March 2021, in conjunction with the Month of Photography (MoP) Denver festival.

Colorado has an incredible history filled with interesting and inspiring architecture situated along its city streets, mountain lanes or country roads. Home to mining towns, the Eastern Plains, and the Rocky Mountains, structures within the “Centennial State” are just as diverse as the landscape itself. Our goal is for the exhibit to capture Colorado residents’ different perspectives of what visually defines Colorado architecture with regards to buildings, residences or creative dwellings.

MY COLORADO: Architecture is open to all forms of photographic image-making in color or black/white and in any process or technology, current or historical. Images submitted should be representational, however, image manipulation will be considered. All work must be your original creation.

Photographers of all levels who are Colorado residents are invited to enter one (1) image for consideration. City & County of Denver and airport employees are welcome to apply as long as their employment is in good standing. Non-Colorado residents who apply to this call will be disqualified.

Initial submissions of one (1) image should be no larger than 5MB in file size and emailed to for the first rounds of jurying. (35) selected finalists will be asked to submit an official entry form, image-use agreement and a larger format photo file for subsequent printing.

**Submissions are due by Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 by midnight. Any submissions after that date/time will not be considered. Finalists will be alerted via email by Friday, Feb. 19, 2021.

The airport will be responsible for the printing of all photographs that are juried into the exhibit. All photos will be printed and mounted to gator board at approximately 24” x 36”.

File Size and Format:
RGB color-space.
Non-compressed, flattened tiffs or maximum quality jpeg – no layered files.
Minimum resolution of 150 ppi at 24” x 36”, however, 300 ppi is recommended.

Artist Recognition and Honors:
All selected artists whose work is included in the exhibition will be acknowledged with a 3” x 5” wall placard that includes name, image title, year and web address. Four Honorable Mentions will be awarded to four individual artists whose work will be featured on the exhibit poster.

Timing Guarantees:
The exhibit will be on display starting in March 2021 for a minimum of six months but could be up to one year. Thereafter, DEN reserves the right to exhibit the works in other temporary locations in the airport. A virtual version of the exhibit will also be available on DEN’s website. The exhibit will be shared on social media and through a press release once the finalists are announced.

DEN Standard Policies:
1. SUITABLE THEMES: The subject matter of the exhibitions and displays must be appropriate for viewing in an airport venue. In keeping with the airport’s mission statement, DEN does not accept for display:

a. messaging that is intolerant to racial, ethnic, gender or sexual identities
b. nudity, lewd or pornographic depictions
c. violent or menacing images
d. weaponry of any kind
e. biased political or religious messaging
f. controversial messaging that could make airline passengers apprehensive about flying, or
g. any messaging that violates City and County of Denver law or policy

2. EXHIBITION PROGRAM STANDARDS: At the discretion of DEN ARTS Program staff, we will accept for exhibition objects and display materials that meet the criteria, below. To be considered for display at DEN the exhibition must:

a. present an informative or enlightening subject of cultural interest, related to Colorado, that will be a captivating occasion for our passengers and visitors
b. contribute to a sense of place, unique to the experience at DEN
c. adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship, authenticity, presentation, scholarly interpretation, and design
d. be in support of airport goals, and
e. not utilize calls-to-action or other marketing messages, and limit institutional branding and logos of any kind to no more than 5 percent of the display area

4. ADVERTISING PROGRAM DEFINITION: As it pertains to the DEN ARTS Program, any proposal for exhibition or promotional display that falls under the following criteria will be considered advertising and will not be accepted by the DEN ARTS Program office. Advertising is described as material that contains:

a. messaging in direct promotion of a for-profit company or corporation
b. material that is identical or similar to that used elsewhere in direct advertising, and
c. material that violates any of the above standards for exhibitions or promotional displays

5. CURATIORIAL DISCRETION: DEN reserves the right to refuse to exhibit or to remove from exhibition any work or group of works that DEN ARTS Program staff deem unacceptable for any reason and at any time. Cause for removal may include (but is not limited to):

a. poor craftsmanship
b. improper digital file size for reproduction
c. significant departure from proposal or design
d. factual error
e. safety and operational concerns
f. conflict with, or violation of, any contracts between DEN and its vendors, suppliers, concessions and airline partners, or
g. violation of any Department of Aviation policy or City and County of Denver policy

  • Denver International Airport
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Monday, Feb. 1, 2021 by midnight
  • March 2021 through (TBD)