East Window: Shame Radiant

East window, an art space in Boulder, Colorado, invites you to be part of “Shame Radiant” a unique, collective photography experience that can only be realized with YOUR photographs.

Of all our so-called moral emotions, shame seems to have the most varied personal, historical, and cultural counterparts. When does our shame feel directly linked to our private experiences? Or to a shared moment in history? When are we confused as the press of shame has its effect on us? Our shame can be interpersonal, intergenerational, institutional and, all too often, unacknowledged. Our shame can continue as a source of pain or transform to a catalyst for action.

How can you participate? Do you or have you ever felt shame? Make a photograph or collage that in some way addresses your own experience with shame and send it to us. That’s it.

Excerpts from this project will be exhibited at RedLine Art Center as part of the Month of Photography Denver Festival in March 2021. Selections will also be included in the next issue of Femme Salée’s Salon, and published in the forthcoming book “Shame Radiant” by east window.

“Shame Radiant” hopes to offer an opportunity for participants to explore more of the personhood and less of the pathology of our collective as well as our outlying experiences of shame.

If you are interested please visit eastwindow.org/shame

Thank you, we look forward to receiving your amazing work!

  • east window
  • Todd Edward Herman
  • info@eastwindow.org
  • January 17, 2021
  • March 2021 - (hours and reception details forthcoming)
  • https://eastwindow.org/shame/