PACE Center for the Arts: Alternative Facts with Juror Fran Forman

The PACE Center for the Arts invites photographic artists to submit work for its upcoming exhibition, “Alternative Facts: Photography by Any Means,” which will be on view during the 2021 Month of Photography Denver festival. The PACE Center for the Arts is partnering with the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) to administer this call for entry.

For almost two centuries, photographers have understood the power of a photograph to confuse, entertain, lie, alter or to depict reality. And we know that the photographer has always made choices: when to click the shutter, how to frame the picture, what to include and exclude, what part of the image to accentuate. We have learned to question whether the image is in fact an accurate depiction of a specific moment in time or rather, an expression of the photographer’s emotional state at the time of its creation.

This call asks the photographer: what is truth, what is fiction, what is illusion, what is reality, and wherein lies the kernel of truth?

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